10 Intriguing Aspects: A Mary Poppins Returns Review


The cinematic universe was forever transformed when Mary Poppins, the enchanting, mystical nanny, graced our screens in 1964. Fast forward over five decades, and her allure persists through the sequel, Mary Poppins Returns. This follow-up reignites the enchantment and injects vitality into a cherished classic.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

The journey of Mary Poppins Returns brings us to Number 17, Cherry Tree Lane, where the grown-up Banks children now reside, burdened with their own challenges. The unexpected arrival of Mary Poppins, portrayed impeccably by Emily Blunt, signals a revival of joy, awe, and above all, the magic that seemed to have disappeared.

Mary Poppins Returns review

An Exceptional Ensemble

Emily Blunt leads the cast, filling the legendary shoes of Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins. Her portrayal pays homage to Andrews’ original character while offering a new perspective. She is accompanied by Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack, the lamplighter who literally and metaphorically brings warmth and light into the narrative.

Memorable Musical Performances

In keeping with Mary Poppins tradition, the film boasts addictive songs and captivating dance routines that leave a lasting impression. Songs like “Can You Imagine That?” and “Trip A Little Light Fantastic” reflect the endearing melodies of the original while infusing a contemporary spin.

Animated Magic

A distinguishing feature of Mary Poppins Returns is its tribute to the original film’s unique fusion of real-life action and animation. The Royal Doulton Bowl sequence is a testament to this, transporting us into a whimsical world of animated characters and landscapes, evoking memories of the magical chalk drawing adventure from the inaugural movie.

Mary Poppins Returns is fundamentally about rediscovery – of happiness, creativity, and the childlike curiosity that dwells within us all. As Mary Poppins proclaims, “Everything is possible, even the impossible.” This proclamation embodies the film’s uplifting message – a reminder that magic can be unearthed in everyday life if only we know where to look.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Mary Poppins Returns isn’t just a follow-up – it’s a meticulously constructed homage to an ageless classic. It strikes a perfect equilibrium between nostalgia and innovation, establishing it as a must-see for both old and new fans. With its extraordinary cast, unforgettable tunes, dazzling visuals, and significant themes, Mary Poppins Returns demonstrates that some characters, like Mary Poppins herself, are truly eternal.

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